In today’s data-sensitive world, it’s important that your business and client information is completely secure and protected from unauthorized access. If your system security has exploitable flaws, a breach could greatly harm your integrity and credibility, not to mention submitting your organization to heavy fines depending on the leaked information or government branch you work within. The professional cyber security personnel at J2 Associates are trained to resolve and prevent security blind spots without impeding the accessibility of authorized personnel who rely on navigating the systems for daily use.

When you partner with J2 Associates for your cyber security needs, we’ll analyze your networks and information systems to identify vulnerabilities and recommend areas of opportunity to upgrade or strengthen your existing security systems.

Our cyber security solutions address your concerns in:

  • NIST Risk Management Framework

  • NIST 800-53 Security Controls

  • Security Impact Analysis

  • Network Monitoring

  • Security Consulting

  • Security Planning

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